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    • Homoplastic Microinversions and the Avian Tree of Life 

      Braun, Edward L; Kimball, Rebecca T; Han, Kin-Lan; Iuhasz-Velez, Naomi R; Bonilla, Amber J; Chojnowski, Jena L; Smith, Jordan V; Bowie, Rauri CK; Braun, Michael J; Hackett, Shannon J; Harshman, John; Huddleston, Christopher J; Marks, Ben D; Miglia, Kathleen J; Moore, William S; Reddy, Sushma; Sheldon, Frederick H; Witt, Christopher C; Yuri, Tamaki (2011-05-25)
      Abstract Background Microinversions are cytologically undetectable inversions of DNA sequences that accumulate slowly in genomes. Like many other rare genomic changes (RGCs), microinversions are thought to be virtually ...