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    • Bureau of intelligence and research and Washington politics 

      Beck, Catherine Anne (uga, 2005-05)
      At times, the Intelligence Community struggles with a reputation for inaccuracy. In two critical moments in American history, the Intelligence Community as a whole failed to predict the United States’ defeat in Vietnam, ...
    • Bureaucratic politics and organizations 

      Malatesta, Deanna (uga, 2007-08)
      This dissertation analyzes regulatory agencies as political organizations and addresses the nexus between bureaucratic design and effectiveness and accountability of public policy. A historical account of telecommunications ...
    • The Burgess arboretum at Reinhardt College 

      Pugliese, Paul J. (University of Georgia, 2009-10)
    • Burial practices, funerary texts, and the treatment of death in Iron Age Israel and Aram 

      Nabulsi, Rachel Virginia (uga, 2015-08)
      This research encompasses two branches of evidence regarding the treatment of death and burial among the Iron Age cultures of Israel and Aram – the archaeological and the textual. The importance of this investigation lies ...
    • Burkas, books, and blogs 

      McCauliff, Kristen Leigh (uga, 2009-12)
      This dissertation is an examination of American media discourses pertaining to democracy and feminism in Iraq and Afghanistan during the U.S.-led military conflicts. The major focus is the circular relationship between ...
    • Burkholderia sp. modulation of host immune response genes and pathways: 

      Aschenbroich, Sophie Ann (uga, 2017-12)
      Among the Burkholderia genus, Burkholderia mallei (Bm) and Burkholderia pseudomallei (Bp) represent pathogens capable of causing fatal infections in animals and humans. Disease manifestations range from acute septicemia ...
    • Burned to be wild 

      Way, Albert Glover (uga, 2008-05)
      This dissertation explores the development of ecological conservation and science in the southern coastal plain’s dominant ecosystem - the longleaf pine-grassland forest. It examines how the impetus for conservation changed ...
    • A burning desire 

      Speir, Adam (University of Georgia, 2011-09-26)
    • Burning the landscape 

      Olson, Christina (uga, 2005-08)
      Fire, both natural and anthropomorphic, has sculpted nearly every aspect of human culture. Landscapes are especially prone to the force of fire. Many so called “natural” landscapes designated as national parks and reserves ...
    • Buscando la forma: 

      Pérez Rhym, Melissa (uga, 2017-12)
      This study examines the experiences of Latinx parents in a high school in north eastern Georgia as they try to navigate the linguistic and cultural barriers in place that prevented their gaining access to their children’s ...
    • Business education teachers preparedness to integrate technology into the curriculum 

      Brazeal, Bryant Stacey (uga, 2007-12)
      As the global society has become more technologically advanced, the need to integrate technology into the curriculum by secondary school teachers has become increasingly more important. Business education teachers, with ...
    • Business skills and knowledge evaluation 

      Wolfe, Kent L. (University of Georgia, 2003-02)
      Adding value to agricultural commodities often requires significantly different business skills and information than an entrepreneur may posses. Adding value through packaging, processing, and marketing may require adherence ...
    • Business survival strategies of farmers and lenders under financial and natural adversities 

      Song, Minrong (uga, 2015-08)
      This dissertation consists of three studies and focuses on the coping mechanisms of agricultural producers and lenders as they responding to natural and economic adversities. The studies address several important issues ...
    • Business-driven information systems change 

      Cochran, Justin Daniel (uga, 2008-08)
      Organizations are continually faced with the reality that they must change their information systems (IS) to stay competitive in the marketplace. While previous research has focused on the role of IS in contributing to ...
    • The busy bee 

      Unknown author (University of Georgia, 2013-10)
    • But where are they going? 

      Curtis, Sara Lynn (uga, 2012-12)
      Employee turnover is a complex behavior that researchers and practitioners alike have tried to understand and predict. Most emphasis has been on the antecedent side of the equation, identifying predictors or creating models ...
    • Butts County community profile 

      Boatright, Susan R. (University of Georgia, 2005-01)
    • "Buy now, pay later" 

      CHOI, JONGSUK (uga, 2004-08)
      The purpose of this study is to investigate the advertising message strategies of credit cards for informational and transformational appeals in a print medium. The credit card, a financial service, is regarded as think/high ...
    • Buy the rumor, shape the news 

      Kiley, Jason Thomas (uga, 2015-05)
      I develop and test theory about the tactics and antecedents of organizational anticipatory impression management. For some types of events, organizations can anticipate negative audience perceptions and proactively plan ...
    • Buy this faith 

      Keeley, Bethany (uga, 2007-08)
      This thesis examines the way consumer culture and resistance are at play within contemporary evangelical churches through two case studies. The first explicates consumer frames within a suburban megachurch which construct ...