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    • Building bridges toward political stability 

      White, Jennifer Joelle (uga, 2007-05)
      My research examines three cases of highly developed, Western democracies that have divided populations. These cases share certain historical, geographic, or economic similarities, and they each contain two predominate ...
    • Building discourse relations: the use of requests in a boys' peer group 

      Chapman, Holli Renee (uga, 2001-12)
      Research in sociolinguistics has revealed that social experience is shaped for and by children in their acts of speech (Cook-Gumperz & Corsaro 1986). Through verbal and non-verbal communication, children build their ...
    • Building diversity capacity and supporting and inclusive campus at a predominately white institution. 

      Flowers, Carol Ann (uga, 2017-12)
      Building capacity to implement diversity and support inclusive campuses is critical in light of the changing demographics in the United States, globalization, and the benefits of diversity to institutional effectiveness. ...
    • Building emergency action plan 

      UGA Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness (University of Georgia, 2012)
    • Building federated bioinformatics databases using Web services 

      Pennington, Cary Marcus (uga, 2009-12)
      Bioinformatics laboratories around the world continue to generate massive amounts of genomic and functional genomic data. Access to these data resources via Federated Databases through the Web is an important emerging ...
    • Building Humans: Part I 

      Roth, Ryan Turner (2003)
    • Building information visualizations with PubMed 

      Sperr, Edwin (2017-04-27)
      The E-utils interface is a powerful tool for querying the multitude of databases available at the NCBI, particularly PubMed. In this session, we'll explore how one can use this interface in conjunction with Google charts ...
    • Building new lives in the community: Hopes, fears and year later 

      Adams, Dottie; Cox, Jo Ann; Grable, Gillian; Sailors, Patsy; Salmon, Judy (University of Georgia, 2014)
    • Building news media’s online audience community 

      Hou, Jiran (uga, 2014-12)
      The purpose of this study was to explore the values of operating online user-generated content projects for legacy media organizations. This study proposed two overarching research questions, which were: 1) what are the ...
    • Building novice capacity through action learning coaching 

      Carter, Angela Danielle (uga, 2015-05)
      Even now, with the ever increasing pace of business and the critical need for competent human resource development (HRD) practice apparent, Watkins’ (1990) description of HRD practitioners as being ‘shoeless shoemaker’s ...
    • Building organizational capacity around the research enterprise: 

      Edwards, Jamila Renay (uga, 2017-12)
      Decreasing levels of state funding and increased competition for students and tuition dollars have forced institutions of higher education to become more entrepreneurial and seek other means of increasing their resources. ...
    • Building program theory for evaluation 

      Robertson, Mary Kathryn (uga, 2004-05)
      HRD professionals have an ethical and pragmatic obligation to evaluate training programs (Russ-Eft & Preskill, 2001). However, outcome focused evaluation models have dominated the organizational literature. Theory-driven ...
    • Building prosperity in Columbus-Muscogee County 

      Unknown author (University of Georgia, 2009-03-05)
    • Building public confidence in constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment and reuse 

      Nussbaum, Philipp (uga, 2017-08)
      As population growth and climate change exacerbate water scarcity in many parts of the world, constructed wetlands have been proposed as a cost-effective wastewater treatment, storage, and reuse solution for small communities. ...
    • Building real-time unconstrained eye tracking with deep learning 

      Krafka, Kyle John (uga, 2015-12)
      Eye tracking is an important tool with applications in many domains. The ability to measure where a person is looking can be used for psychological studies, medical diagnoses, and human--computer interaction techniques. ...
    • Building relatedness through hashtags 

      Jensen, Lucas John (uga, 2015-12)
      With the rise of online education, instructors are searching for ways to motivate students to engage in meaningful discussions with one another online and build a sense of community in the digital classroom. This study ...
    • Building relationships with families through dialogue journals 

      Kay, Amy McMichael (uga, 2010-12)
      A disconnect often exists between the worlds of school and home particularly with lower income children and their families. Part of this disconnect is evident in the missed understanding of what counts as parent involvement ...
    • Building resiliency in children through a small group counseling intervention 

      Griffith, Karen Gannon (uga, 2011-05)
      School counselors need effective interventions, both in terms of student change and counselor use of time. Student change needs to be tied to the overall mission of the school, as well as the affective domain. This study ...
    • Building snakes from DNA 

      Khan, Md Shahnawaz (uga, 2015-05)
      The snake in the box problem is an NP-hard problem which has been a challenging problem for both computer scientists and mathematicians. It aims to maximize certain types of paths (snakes) in a graph, an n-dimensional ...
    • Building the sugarcane genome for biotechnology and identifying evolutionary trends 

      de Setta, Nathalia; Monteiro-Vitorello, Cláudia B; Metcalfe, Cushla J; Cruz, Guilherme Marcelo Q; Del Bem, Luiz E; Vicentini, Renato; Nogueira, Fábio Tebaldi S; Campos, Roberta A; Nunes, Sideny L; Turrini, Paula Cristina G; Vieira, Andreia P; Ochoa Cruz, Edgar A; Corrêa, Tatiana Caroline S; Hotta, Carlos T; de Mello Varani, Alessandro; Vautrin, Sonia; da Trindade, Adilson S; de Mendonça Vilela, Mariane; Lembke, Carolina G; Sato, Paloma M; de Andrade, Rodrigo F; Nishiyama, Milton Y Jr; Cardoso-Silva, Claudio B; Scortecci, Katia C; Garcia, Antônio Augusto F; Carneiro, Monalisa S; Kim, Changsoo; Paterson, Andrew H; Bergès, Hélène; D’Hont, Angélique; de Souza, Anete P; Souza, Glaucia M; Vincentz, Michel; Kitajima, João P; Van Sluys, Marie-Anne (2014-06-30)
      Abstract Background Sugarcane is the source of sugar in all tropical and subtropical countries and is becoming increasingly important for bio-based fuels. However, its large (10 Gb), ...