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    • Workplace practices and employee engagement 

      Sleight, Robert Edward (uga, 2013-05)
      Employee engagement is an important issue for organizations. When employees are engaged, they can be more efficient and effective at their jobs, and this, in turn, creates the potential for beneficial social context and ...
    • World and US soybean outlook 

      Shumaker, George A. (University of Georgia, 2002-09-24)
    • World Englishes and Lexicography 

      Dolezal, Fredric (Blackwell Publishing, 2006)
      Dictionaries confer legitimacy upon a language as a comprehensive concept, or some part of a language, whether we call that register, dialect, lexicon, or vocabulary ... 'Legitimacy' can be understood as a shorthand for ...
    • World health system performance revisited: the impact of varying the relative importance of health system goals 

      Lauer, Jeremy A; Lovell, CA Knox; Murray, Christopher JL; Evans, David B (2004-07-22)
      Abstract Background In 2002, the World Health Organization published a health system performance ranking for 191 member countries. ...
    • World peanut market: an overview of the past 30 years 

      Fletcher, Stanley M.; Revoredo, Cesar L. (University of Georgia, 2009-04-21)
      Despite the increase in its total global production, since the 1970s peanuts' share in the total production of vegetable oil and meal has decreased following the emergence of soybeans. In addition, an increasing share of ...
    • Worlds of welfare discourse 

      Kolemen, Bedriye Aysuda (uga, 2010-05)
      This dissertation focuses on the everyday discourses on the welfare state in Germany, Sweden and the USA to explore the link between welfare regimes and national political cultures. It utilizes focus group discussions and ...
    • Wormsloe: Re-envisioning a cultural landscape 

      Ryals, Wes (University of Georgia College of Environment and Design, 2010)
    • Worth County community profile 

      Boatright, Susan R.; Olliff, Emily (University of Georgia, 2006-02)
    • Worth County community profile 

      Boatright, Susan R. (University of Georgia, 2007-02)
    • Wounded warriors 

      Anderson, Crystal Raequel (uga, 2009-12)
      This study examined predictors of treatment outcome for combat veterans in a group-based exposure therapy. The study compared Black and White injured combat veterans with PTSD and non-injured combat veterans with PTSD. A ...
    • Woven Reality/The Mesh 

      Rothacher, Katlin Shae (2018)
    • Wrestling with violence : desensitization to violence through viewing professional wrestling 

      Williams, Kevin Donald (uga, 2002-05)
      Several violent attacks have taken place recently where the defendant attacked the victim using wrestling-style maneuvers. This experiment tests if watching professional wrestling desensitizes college-aged subjects to acts ...
    • Writ of passage 

      Patterson, Joshua Ryan (uga, 2015-05)
      Utilizing certain ritual theorists and their terminology, this research constructs a framework with which to analyze the religious or ritual nature apparent in the consumption of fiction literature. Fiction literature has ...
    • Writing 2.0 

      Johnson, Melinda Louise (uga, 2014-08)
      In this study, the author examines how teachers at a public middle school and high school in the Southeastern United States learn to incorporate digital tools and writing process pedagogy through a year-long professional ...
    • Writing and the secondary mathematics teacher 

      O'Kelley, Sharon Kay (uga, 2010-12)
      Although much research has focused on the use of writing in K–12 mathematics classes, little has been done on teachers’ experiences with writing in mathematics and how those experiences shape their attitudes about incorporating ...
    • Writing his India 

      Dials, Nicholas Patrick (uga, 2010-08)
      The aim of this thesis is to trace the philosophical roots of Octavio Paz’s poetry written during his tenure in India between 1962-1968. The following chapters examine the role of Hindu and Western philosophical thought ...
    • Writing Taiwan : a study of Taiwan's nativist literature 

      Lee, Yu-lin (uga, 2003-05)
      Taiwan’s nativist literature, known as Taiwan hsiang-t’u literature, originated in the Japanese occupation when Taiwanese native authors strived to establish a “national” literature distinct from Japanese and Chinese ...
    • Writing the History of English Lexicography: Is there a History of English Lexicography after Starnes and Noyes? 

      Dolezal, Fredric (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007)
      " [...] Fredric Dolezal's "Writing the history of English lexicography," opens up some of the most important questions addressed in the collection as a whole. How, Dolezal asks, do we write the history of English lexicography? ...
    • A Written Report 

      Gagliardi, Nicholas (2007)
    • Written Report 

      Eisenach, Shawn (2007)