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    • "You Idiots!" 

      Riccio, Catherine Adele (uga, 2010-08)
      The Byronic Hero did not die out with the appearance of Byron’s Don Juan. On the contrary, through the use of humor in the narrator’s commentary, a new Byronic Hero emerged, one capable of uncovering the uncomfortable ...
    • "You never stop learning" 

      McConnell, Ilka Marta (uga, 2013-12)
      The face of city management in the United States is overwhelmingly male. Research suggests two key, interrelated barriers to the career development of women executives like city managers: (1) the process of learning ...
    • You shall build for me an altar 

      Sharp, Casey Alan (uga, 2012-05)
      The Hebrew Bible describes numerous forms of altars. Discoveries in the archaeology of Israel have provided new data for the comparison of altars in the text and what is known archaeologically. The current study begins by ...
    • You're on stage at Disney World 

      Scalera, Marisa Newkirk (uga, 2002-08)
      This thesis explores the image and physical characteristics of Main Street, USA in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Florida. The first chapter explores the questions: What thematic roles does Main Street, USA play ...
    • You've got the power: Financial power of attorney 

      Koonce, Joan; Shockley, Lauren (University of Georgia, 2011-04)
    • You've got the power: Living will and health care power of attorney 

      Koonce, Joan; Shockley, Lauren (University of Georgia, 2011-04)
    • Young adolescent male alternative school students 

      Pearson, Carol Ashley (uga, 2001-12)
      This ethnographic case study examined the experiences and perceptions of young adolescent male alternative school students who are at-risk for delinquency. Through the use of participant observation and interviews with ...
    • Young adolescents' experiences of living with giftedness and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 

      Dixon Tillitski, Martha Jane (uga, 2008-05)
      Through a qualitative study using the methods of interview, participant observations, and gathering archival data, the researcher investigated how young gifted adolescents diagnosed as ADHD viewed their experiences at home, ...
    • Young adults' perceptions of the cell phone as an advertising medium 

      Kim, Jun Kyo (uga, 2003-08)
      This is an exploratory study that focuses on attitudes toward the cell phone, cell phone advertising and cell phone SMS (Short Message Service or Short Messaging Services) ads. It also investigates consumer behavior in ...
    • Young children’s embodied mathematical practices in and out of school context 

      Karsli, Elif (uga, 2014-08)
      This dissertation, which is a video-ethnography study, includes three articles that contribute complementarily to the understanding of young children’s mathematical practices in and out of school. The dissertation starts ...
    • Young fisherpersons at the Oconee River, Murmur Trussel 

      Aguar, Charles (2014-06-27)
      Fisherpersons at the Oconee River, Athens GA, near the Murmur railroad trussel. May 1975.
    • Young nearby stars 

      Schneider, Adam Conrad (uga, 2013-05)
      Nearby young stars are without equal as stellar and planetary evolution laboratories. The aim of this work is to use age diagnostic considerations to execute a complete survey for new nearby young stars and to efficiently ...
    • Young tree specifications 

      Coder, Kim (University of Georgia, 2010-02)
    • Younger generation white-collar workers’ experiences of interpersonal conflicts with supervisors in South Korea 

      Park, Jae Hyun (uga, 2011-08)
      The purpose of this study was to (a) document interpersonal workplace conflicts experienced by South Korean younger generation (people born after 1976) white-collar workers, (b) investigate personal impacts on younger ...
    • Your child's health, your child's weight 

      Wright, Marilyn O.; Cordray, Kelly (University of Georgia, 2004-01)
    • Your credit report: The basics 

      Rupured, Michael (University of Georgia, 2010-08-16)
    • Your friends like it. Do you? 

      Li, Siyuan (uga, 2013-05)
      This dissertation examines the effects of online social recommendation systems (RS) on consumer preference similarity under different social network structural properties. There is a debate on recommendation system’s effects ...
    • Your good credit: Managing credit wisely 

      Rupured, Michael (University of Georgia, 2008-06)
    • Youth 2.0 

      Graybeal, Geoffrey Michael (uga, 2008-08)
      For almost three decades, newspapers have tried varying efforts to lure young readers to their products with mixed results. The Internet and technological advances have children and young people turning to alternative, ...
    • Youth programs and the Americans with disabilities act 

      Wynne, Betsy (University of Georgia, 2014)