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    • We're not only ladies. We are politicians 

      Owen, Karen Leslie (uga, 2012-08)
      Traditional elections and gender politics studies focus on women’s underrepresentation in collegial bodies and predominately ask why women do not run for political office. The recent electoral seasons in American politics ...
    • "Wealth effects of tradable securities in pure stock-for-stock mergers" : evidence from large bank mergers 

      Owens, Wanda Lee (uga, 2003-08)
      This paper examines the effect of mergers on the publicly traded debt and equity securities of 20 acquirer banks and 23 target banks participating in mergers over a three year period from 1994 through 1996. Using a valuation ...
    • Wealth inequality and class location 

      Rubinson, Claude James (uga, 2002-08)
      Despite a recent increase in the attention given to wealth inequality, no research has examined the role of class, as it is understood within the Marxist tradition, in structuring the distribution of wealth. The use of ...
    • Weaning made easy 

      Pence, Mel E. (University of Georgia, 2005-01-26)
    • Wearing the mask of nationality lightly 

      Browning, Judkin (uga, 2006-05)
      This is the story of two communities, Carteret and Craven County, at the southern tip of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, and how the experience of Union military occupation shaped the inhabitants and the soldiers who occupied ...
    • Weatherize your home and save money, energy 

      Atiles, Jorge H. (University of Georgia, 2008-08-26)
    • Weaving an aesthetic of ecological and cultural process 

      Woodward, Lauren Lee (uga, 2009-05)
      This thesis explores landscape urbanism theory as a framework for urban design that combines cultural and ecological processes, and culminates in a design for a waterfront park in the Seaport District in Boston, ...
    • Weaving threads 

      Gardner, Jeffrey Adrian (uga, 2012-12)
      Many indigenous peoples in Latin America span state borders, which are imposed over what were initially territories that belonged to the indigenous. Little research, however, has focused on such indigenous "cross-border ...
    • Weaving words 

      Shaw, Amber Nicole (uga, 2006-08)
      Mina Loy’s novel Insel weaves together the roles of poet and seamstress, and language and fashion. These juxtapositions bridge the divide between popular and high culture, and they also challenge traditional associations ...
    • Web 2.0 

      Daniel, Christopher Alan (uga, 2009-08)
      The use of Web 2.0 applications is limited in the field of historic preservation, but there is desire for expanding their use, based on a survey study of State Historic Preservation Offices and state/local preservation ...
    • Web based interface for numerical simulations of nonlinear evolution equations 

      Foster, Ryan Napoleon (uga, 2007-05)
      In Computational Science and Parallel Computing research, model equations have been developed to assist in solving problems in science and engineering. Such equations have aided researchers in developing methods used in ...
    • Web design and its influence on perceived interactivity and site effectiveness 

      Song, Ji Hee (uga, 2006-05)
      With the growth of the Internet, both managers and academics are interested in learning how Web design affects consumers’ overall judgments and contributes to the achievement of e-objectives. This dissertation examines the ...
    • Web radio 

      Van Cantfort, Dale E. (uga, 2001-12)
      A modified Delphi survey and in-depth interviews of a panel of radio broadcasters whose stations are also webcasting were used to examine: 1) why consumers are choosing to listen to Web Radio, 2) what influence Web Radio ...
    • Webanalyzer 

      Ahmed, Naveed (uga, 2010-12)
      The World Wide Web has become a major source of information dissemination for academia, business and government organizations. Hence, the usability and effectiveness of these websites is increasingly important. User behavior ...
    • Weed control 

      Berle, David; Westerfield, Robert (University of Georgia, 2013-02)
    • Weed control in conservation tillage systems 

      Barentine, Ronnie (University of Georgia, 2010-02-02)
    • Weed control in grass pastures and hayfields 

      Murphy, Tim R. (University of Georgia, 2012-02-28)
    • Weed control in grass pastures and hayfields 

      McCullough, Patrick E. (University of Georgia, 2013-01-24)
    • Weed control in iris 

      Czarnota, Mark (University of Georgia, 2014-09)
    • Weed control in the landscape 

      Czarnota, Mark A. (University of Georgia, 2012-06-12)