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    • Taliaferro County community profile 

      Boatright, Susan R. (University of Georgia, 2005-11)
    • Talking about hunger 

      Andersen, Emily Claire (uga, 2009-05)
      As access to affordable and nutritious foods has become increasingly difficult for those living in poverty in the U.S., emergency food provision - specifically prepared-meal provision – has become increasingly important. ...
    • Talking about safer sex and STDs 

      Collins, Lauren (uga, 2001-05)
      Various studies have examined the extent to which communication about safer sex and sexually transmitted diseases influences the actual practice of safer sex. Researchers have examined communication about these topics ...
    • Talking together 

      Counts, Janneke Maria (uga, 2007-08)
      Parents and teachers talk together typically during Open Houses and parent-teacher conferences, engaging in routine and ritualized conversations that leave little room for developing understandings about each other and ...
    • Tall fescue 

      Hancock, Dennis W. (University of Georgia, 2011-07)
    • Tall fescue variety trials 2004-2010 

      Durham, Greg; Hancock, Dennis W. (University of Georgia, 2011-08)
    • Tallassee Shoals Concept Sketch 1973 

      Aguar, Charles (2014-06-27)
      "Hole in the wall" Concept sketch by Charles Aguar of the Tallassee Shoals Old Dam site. May 1973.
    • Tamoxifen analogs bearing acidic-side chain substituents 

      Rubin, Valeria Norma (uga, 2001-08)
      The estrogen receptor (ER) ligand 4-[1-(p-hydroxyphenyl)-2-phenylethyl]phenoxyacetic acid (HPPA) was previously found to have differential bone loss suppressive effects in the ovariectomized (OVX) rat approaching those of ...
    • Tampa's historic cigar factories 

      Koepnick, Brian Douglas (uga, 2005-08)
      A discussion of the Cigar Industry in Western Florida, significance of Tampa’s Historic Cigar Factories as Industrial Architecture, related Labor History, historic individuals such as Vicente M. Ybor, Preservation Challenges ...
    • Tandem mass spectrometry and differential ion mobility separation of sulfated glycosaminoglycans carbohydrates 

      Muchena, John Kailemia (uga, 2014-05)
      Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) carbohydrates are biologically important molecules found in all the living organisms and efforts are made to identify their molecular structures in order to gain more understanding about their ...
    • Tanglewood Trace - Subdivision 

      Franklin, Dan (2015-10-27)
    • TAP : A tool for evaluating different processor assignments in task and data parallel programs 

      Bhattiprolu, Srikanth (uga, 2001-08)
      A parallel program is usually written using either data parallelism or task parallelism. With data parallelism, each processor executes the same code but operates on different data, whereas in task parallelism the program ...
    • Taphonomic alteration of avian bones 

      Gardner, Eleanor Elizabeth (uga, 2011-05)
      Modern avian taphonomic studies provide information on disarticulation, weathering, and preservation potential, as well as how remains reflect paleoecology, paleoenvironment, and evolution. However, relatively little ...
    • Tapiola 

      Firth, Ian (2014-11-21)
    • Tapiola 

      Firth, Ian (2014-11-21)
    • Tapiola 

      Firth, Ian (2014-11-21)
    • Tapiola 

      Firth, Ian (2014-11-21)
    • Tapiola 

      Firth, Ian (2014-11-21)
    • Tapiola 

      Firth, Ian (2014-11-21)
    • Targeted drug delivery for brain cancer using a carborane mimic of a cholesteryl este 

      Peacock, Regina Flinn (uga, 2001-12)
      A new cholesterol-carborane conjugate (BCH) has been synthesized as a potential targeting agent for boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) of cancers. The compound is extremely water-insoluble and was formulated in two ...