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    • Public high-school quality and house prices 

      Hearn, Edward McLeod (uga, 2015-08)
      From its origin as a small Southern county seat, Charlotte has grown into a major urban economy. This swift economic expansion has required city authorities to respond by changing both the nature and provision of Charlotte’s ...
    • Public Lecture: Andrés Duany, world-renown architect and urban designer 

      Staff writers (UGA College of Environment and Design, 2012)
    • Public opinion in Georgia splits along racial lines 

      Clark, Richard L. (University of Georgia, 2002-02)
    • Public organizations as principals in an era of new governance 

      Williamson, Anne Lockwood (uga, 2007-08)
      This dissertation provides an empirical analysis of the federal Low Income Housing tax Credit program. This program was created as part of the Reagan‐era Tax Reform Act of 1986, and implementation is devolved upon the ...
    • Public policy and legislative choice 

      Brill, Daniel Joseph (uga, 2001-05)
      Current research on legislatures sees several competing schools of thought: distributive, informational, and partisan theories of legislative organization dominate the literature. This study contends that many of the ...
    • Public preferences and values for purchase of agricultural conservation easement (PACE) programs in Georgia 

      Bergstrom, John C.; Volinskiy, Dmitriy (University of Georgia, 2004-03)
    • Public views of biculturalism 

      Kwon, Josephine (uga, 2010-05)
      As America becomes increasingly globalized, concepts such as multiculturalism and biculturalism will be important to consider in public policy and social issues. Biculturalism in a psychological light refers to the process ...
    • Public-private ventures in Georgia's public higher education 

      Stephens, Jennifer Hodges (uga, 2013-12)
      Public higher education in the U.S. has become more privatized over the last half-century. One way it has adapted to this privatized environment is through the use of a new funding model, the public-private venture (PPV). ...
    • Public-space design as catalyst for economic development 

      Lewis, Hazel Nadia (uga, 2010-08)
      Small towns across the US face similar problems; tight budgets and pressing needs keep rising faster than revenues, resulting in many communities struggling to maintain a viable economic base. In response to this dilemma, ...
    • Pulaski County community profile 

      Boatright, Susan R. (University of Georgia, 2005-02)
    • Pulse wave velocity and vasoactive range 

      Reifenberger, Matthew Stanton (uga, 2004-08)
      Aging is associated with an increase in arterial stiffness. Two different methods were used to evaluate arterial stiffness, pulse wave velocity and vasoactive range, in a young group and in an older group of males. The ...
    • Pumpkin germplasm and variety evaluation 

      Boyhan, George; Tate, Suzanne; MacNeil, Ryan (University of Georgia, 2010-01-05)
    • Purchasing insurance to protect against casualty losses 

      Hatchett, Brandon; Jackson, Ben (University of Georgia, 2011-12)
    • Pure mediated priming 

      Jones, Lara Lynn (uga, 2007-08)
      Mediated priming refers to the activation of a target (e.g., STRIPES) by a prime (e.g., LION) that is related indirectly via a connecting "mediator" (e.g., tiger). In previous mediated priming studies (e.g., McNamara & ...
    • Purine salvage in Helicobacter pylori 

      Miller, Erica Francesca (uga, 2013-08)
      Purines are essential for all living cells. This fact is reflected in the high degree of pathway conservation for purine metabolism across all domains of life. The availability of purines within a mammalian host is thought ...
    • Purple martins 

      Mengak, Michael T. (University of Georgia, 2009-09-15)
      Not too long ago, every farmhouse had boxes, gourds or other housing to attract purple martins. Martin houses are not as common today as they once were, but with increasing interest in our environment and nonchemical pest ...
    • Purple moonflower identification and control 

      Prostko, Eric P.; Culpepper, Stanley; Price, Daniel S.; Ellis, Charlie E., III (University of Georgia, 2009-01-05)
      Purple moonflower, also known as purple morningglory or lilacbell, is becoming common in many Georgia agricultural production fields. This weed has typically not been a major problem. Morningglory species often respond ...
    • Purple nutsedge biology and vegetable tolerance to EPTC 

      Wallace, Rebekah Danielle (uga, 2009-12)
      Studies were conducted from 2007 to 2009 to establish the tolerance of vegetable crops to S-ethyl dipropylthiocarbamate (EPTC) and to evaluate temperature variation effect on purple nutsedge tubers. For the vegetable ...
    • Purpose into practice 

      Hawley, Todd S. (uga, 2008-08)
      This study addresses a gap between recommendations and research regarding the development of purposeful rationales in social studies teacher education programs and the practices of first-year teachers. Adding to the ...
    • Pursuing responsibility 

      Bridges-Rhoads, Sarah Catherine (uga, 2011-08)
      This abstract aims to aid the reader in approaching this dissertation by expanding upon the content stated in its title (see Appendix A for a supplement to the title that complicates its function as a means of further ...