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    • Jasper County community profile 

      Boatright, Susan R.; Olliff, Emily (University of Georgia, 2006-01)
    • Jasper County community profile 

      Boatright, Susan R. (University of Georgia, 2009-01)
    • Jasper County community profile 

      Boatright, Susan R. (University of Georgia, 2007-03)
    • Jasper County horse trail interest study 

      Wolfe, Kent L. (University of Georgia, 2006-05)
      The Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development (CAED) and the Jasper County an County Extension Service worked with a the Jasper County Agricultural Development Committee to investigate the potential horse trail ...
    • Jaunts and haunts: 

      Hungate, Caitlyn Jayne (uga, 2017-12)
      Savannah’s branded image has been deeply entrenched in the city’s ability to market its Antebellum past. The tourism industry in the city has perpetuated the Old South stereotype. However, over the last thirty years there ...
    • Jazz and Judaism 

      Stewart, Kara Leann (uga, 2013-05)
      Retaining and rebuilding Jewish identity in German-occupied Poland in the World War II and post-war era was a daunting task. Combining American jazz with European Ashkenazic tradition, Jewish musicians symbolically rebelled ...
    • "Je me nomme Thénardier" 

      Laws, Amy Ellen (uga, 2015-05)
      The name Thénardier has become a synonym for “evil” as a result of Victor Hugo’s melodramatic characterization of Monsieur and Madame Thénardier in Les Misérables. Describing these characters in exquisite detail and revealing ...
    • Jealousy in triadic relationships 

      Worley, Timothy Ryan (uga, 2009-05)
      This thesis examined relational uncertainty, interference, jealousy experience (sexual, intimacy, power, and friendship jealousy), and jealousy expression in response to the discovery of a romantic partner’s extradyadic ...
    • Jean Toomer, Sherwood Anderson and the complexity of black modern consciousness 

      Raczynski, Kevin Robert (uga, 2004-12)
      Jean Toomer and Sherwood Anderson exchanged letters for approximately two years, between 1922 and 1924. While both writers examined the effects that burgeoning American industrialism had upon humanity, Anderson, like ...
    • Jeder treu auf seinem Posten 

      Wunn, Jennifer Marie (uga, 2014-12)
      The Kulturkampf which erupted in the wake of Germany’s unification touched Catholics’ lives in multiple ways. Far more than just a power struggle between the Catholic Church and the new German state, the conflict became a ...
    • Jekyll Island development project 

      Kelly, Kevin (2014-07-10)
    • Jekyll Island Watercolor Exhibit 

      Staff writers (UGA College of Environment and Design, 2011)
    • Jenkins county ag update 

      Parker, Wade (University of Georgia, 2013-01-10)
    • Jethro Tull’s Thick as a brick 

      Smolko, Timothy John (uga, 2011-05)
      In the late 1960s and early 1970s, British progressive rock bands such as Yes, Genesis, and Jethro Tull were imbuing their music with a broadened harmonic palette, large-scale classical structures, polyphonic textures, ...
    • Jewish women's experiences during their internment in Auschwitz 

      Bryant, Elizabeth Ann (uga, 2005-08)
      This study analyzes eleven memoirs written by female, Jewish Auschwitz survivors to demonstrate that their experiences within the camp were complex. Though similar to men’s in some ways, only women had to cope with sex ...
    • JFL learners in the U.S. 

      Anderson, Natsuki Fukunaga (uga, 2005-12)
      This is a qualitative study of a small subset of Japanese as a Foreign Language (JFL) students who are interested in Japanese popular culture and language, focusing on language-in-use. The purpose of this study is to ...
    • Jim Addison Residence - Atlanta 

      Franklin, Dan (2015-10-27)
    • Jimmy, Jimbo, Jimmer, Jim, James 

      Grimsley, James (2003)