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    • Wahhabism 

      Nelson, Maura Lynne (uga, 2005-05)
      Wahhabism: From Najd to New York addresses the life and teachings of Muhammad Ibn ÔAbdal-Wahhab, a religious reformer and theologian whose ideas have impacted the ideologies ofmany modern Muslims. This paper begins with ...
    • Walhalla 

      Ferst, Calvin (uga, 2016-05)
      Walhalla, South Carolina, was founded in 1850 by a group of prominent German immigrants in Charleston calling themselves the German Colonization Society. The members of this group aspired to establish a prosperous community ...
    • Walk this way 

      Mouilso, Emily Renee (uga, 2014-08)
      Sexual aggression is a serious problem in our society generally and on our college campuses specifically. This dissertation examined perceived vulnerability as a risk factor for sexual victimization in college women and ...
    • The walk-a-weight program 

      Universtiy of Georgia Cooperative Extension (Universtiy of Georgia, 2014)
    • Walking against the grain 

      Lawless, Sherri K. Griffin (uga, 2011-12)
      The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the relationship between Catholic women adult educators’ understanding of social justice and their engagement in anti-poverty activist practice with Hurricane Katrina ...
    • Walking outside the box 

      Hofacre, Christa Shoup (uga, 2006-12)
      The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact an international multicultural immersion program rendered on beliefs and practices of K-12 educational personnel participants. This study examined the impact to ...
    • Walking the talk 

      Ritchie, James Scott (uga, 2010-08)
      This qualitative in-depth interview study's purpose was to explore what influenced eight experienced P-12 critical educators across the United States to teach for social justice and how these influences might inform teacher ...
    • Wang-Landau simulations of thermodynamic behavior in homopolymer systems 

      Seaton, Daniel Thomas (uga, 2010-12)
      This work focuses on the thermodynamic behavior of both flexible and semi-flexible homopolymer systems through the application of the Wang-Landau algorithm. Coarse-grained homopolymer systems are simple models used to ...
    • War and the dissolution of women in Seneca’s Troades 

      Woodruff, Kathryn Elizabeth (uga, 2016-05)
      This thesis examines the titular heroines of Seneca’s Troades with attention to the grotesque nature of their existence and the effects of this on their perceptions of identity and the self. While Hecuba and Andromache ...
    • Warm season annual grasses for emergency forage production 

      Woodruff, John M.; Hancock, Dennis W. (University of Georgia, 2007-06-10)
    • Warm season forage options 

      Hancock, Dennis (University of Georgia, 2009-04)
    • Warm season perennial grass variety trial 2005-2008 

      Durham, Greg; Hancock, Dennis W.; McMillian, Josh; Anderson, Bill (University of Georgia, 2010-03)
    • Warrior and pastoral duels in Homer, Theocritus, and Vergil 

      Vaananen, Katrina (uga, 2010-08)
      This thesis seeks to demonstrate a relationship between the Homeric warrior-duels and the works of Theocritus and Vergil. Theocritus, the so-called father of pastoral poetry, transferred duels into a pastoral setting to ...
    • Wars and rumors of wars 

      West, Thomas Alan (uga, 2013-12)
      The use of prerecorded materials has become an important feature in modern art music. Within this compositional niche, prerecorded spoken text is often used. Spoken text may be used as a device to create a sense of ...
    • Wash your paws, Georgia 

      Universtiy of Georgia Cooperative Extension (Universtiy of Georgia, 2013)
    • Washback effects of the Cambridge Preliminary English Test at an Argentinean bilingual school 

      Latimer, David G. (uga, 2009-08)
      Internationally, commercial standardized English tests have greater influence than ever before on EFL programs as measures of student learning, school accountability, and proficiency. One of the most prominent is the ...
    • Washington county community profile 

      Boatright, Susan R. (University of Georgia, 2012-02)
    • Washington-Rawson Masterplan 

      Schindler, Jacob (2017-05-12)
    • Wasted 

      Bak, Emilia Noelle (uga, 2009-08)
      This paper examines the interaction between media images of excessive alcohol use and peer influence on an individual alcoholic’s ideas about alcohol and alcoholism. Informed by previous research on the relationship between ...
    • Wasting among Uganda men with pulmonary tuberculosis is associated with linear regain in lean tissue mass during and after treatment in contrast to women with wasting who regain fat tissue mass: prospective cohort study 

      Mupere, Ezekiel; Malone, LaShaunda; Zalwango, Sarah; Okwera, Alphonse; Nsereko, Mary; Tisch, Daniel J; Parraga, Isabel M; Stein, Catherine M; Mugerwa, Roy; Boom, W H; Mayanja, Harriet K; Whalen, Christopher C; Tuberculosis Research Unit at Case Western Reserve University (2014-01-13)
      Abstract Background Nutritional changes during and after tuberculosis treatment have not been well described. We therefore determined the effect of wasting on rate of mean change in lean tissue ...