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    • T cells are functionally not impaired in AML: increased PD-1 expression is only seen at time of relapse and correlates with a shift towards the memory T cell compartment 

      Schnorfeil, Frauke M; Lichtenegger, Felix S; Emmerig, Katharina; Schlueter, Miriam; Neitz, Julia S; Draenert, Rika; Hiddemann, Wolfgang; Subklewe, Marion (2015-07-30)
      Abstract Background T cell function is crucial for the success of several novel immunotherapeutic strategies for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). However, changes ...
    • T-circles and t-loops play a role in Kluveromyces lactis recombinational telomere elongation 

      Groff-Vindman, Cindy Sue (uga, 2005-12)
      Recombinational telomere elongation (RTE) known as ALT (alternate lengthening oftelomeres) is the mechanism of telomere maintenance in up to 5-10% of human cancers. Thetelomeres of yeast mutants lacking telomerase can also ...
    • T1- vs. T2-based MRI measures of spinal cord volume in healthy subjects and patients with multiple sclerosis 

      Kim, Gloria; Khalid, Fariha; Oommen, Vinit V; Tauhid, Shahamat; Chu, Renxin; Horsfield, Mark A; Healy, Brian C; Bakshi, Rohit (2015-07-31)
      Abstract Background The reliable and efficient measurement of spinal cord atrophy is of growing interest in monitoring disease progression in multiple sclerosis (MS). ...
    • Tabby 

      Davis, Taylor Patrick (uga, 2011-12)
      Tabby is a unique building material found along the coast of the Southeastern United States. This material is all that remains above grade of many past coastal cultures and illustrates much of the history of Coastal ...
    • Tacit collusion and movie release dates 

      Lagalo, Bryan Alan (uga, 2013-08)
      Movie studios rarely release two films with large budgets, wide theater releases, or similar genres on the same weekend. One possible explanation is that studios tacitly collude by spacing out movie release dates. This ...
    • Tacit knowing and knowledge-based competition : a grounded theory look at high-tech knowledge strategies 

      Gerard, Joseph G. (uga, 2003-12)
      This dissertation serves three major functions in strategic management literature.First, Michael Polanyi ’s philosophy of knowledge is reexamined and applied to organizational assets and their use under strategy ’s ...
    • Tacitus' Jewish excursus 

      Nikota, Benjamin Evan (uga, 2014-05)
      This thesis analyzes internal inconsistencies in Tacitus’ Jewish excursus (Historiae 5.1-13). It focuses on inconsistencies in terms of the Jews’ mythic history, geography, and ethnic identity. In terms of analytical tools, ...
    • Tagsense 

      Wu, Zixin (uga, 2007-08)
      Tagging communities is a featured Web 2.0 phenomenon, where users describe a Web resource by using keywords (called tags). This behavior can be viewed as cooperative meta-data extraction and annotation. While these tagging ...
    • Tailored e-Health services for the dementia care setting: a pilot study of ‘eHealthMonitor’ 

      Schaller, Sandra; Marinova-Schmidt, Velislava; Gobin, Jasmin; Criegee-Rieck, Manfred; Griebel, Lena; Engel, Sabine; Stein, Veronika; Graessel, Elmar; Kolominsky-Rabas, Peter L (2015-07-28)
      Abstract Background The European eHealthMonitor project (eHM) developed a user-sensitive and interactive web portal for dementia care: the eHM Dementia Portal (eHM-DP). It ...
    • Takataka 

      Elfer, Charles Joseph (uga, 2005-08)
      The influences of occupation and formal education on local perceptions of environmental pollution were investigated in Moshi, Tanzania. The specific focus was on the effects of two variables, employment in the tourism ...
    • Take steps to prevent hypothermia 

      Unknown author (University of Georgia, 2008-08-26)
    • Take the 40 gallon challenge: Save water, save time, save money 

      Pugliese, Paul J. (University of Georgia, 2008-05)
    • Take the clean water challenge; Win a free rain barrel 

      Pugliese, Paul J. (University of Georgia, 2009-05)
    • Taking the hermeneutical hill 

      Weaver, Michael James (uga, 2016-08)
      The voices of veteran students largely go unheard in composition classrooms, due both to a cultural mismatch and to the inability of scholars and teachers to hear veterans’ voices. Building a broad profile of student ...
    • Taking their territory with them when they go 

      Witter, Rebecca (uga, 2010-05)
      The Makandezulu region of Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park is Maluleke territory. That is, the population of Makandezulu, which is dominated by the Maluleke xibongo or clan name has control over environmental resources ...
    • Tales of erotic suffering 

      Ciraulo, Darlene Renee (uga, 2003-08)
      This study argues that the Greek romances of late antiquity were an important source in the works of William Shakespeare and Sir Philip Sidney. I specifically address how the chaste marriage plot of Greek romance reflected ...
    • Taliaferro County community profile 

      Boatright, Susan R. (University of Georgia, 2005-11)
    • Talking about hunger 

      Andersen, Emily Claire (uga, 2009-05)
      As access to affordable and nutritious foods has become increasingly difficult for those living in poverty in the U.S., emergency food provision - specifically prepared-meal provision – has become increasingly important. ...
    • Talking about safer sex and STDs 

      Collins, Lauren (uga, 2001-05)
      Various studies have examined the extent to which communication about safer sex and sexually transmitted diseases influences the actual practice of safer sex. Researchers have examined communication about these topics ...
    • Talking together 

      Counts, Janneke Maria (uga, 2007-08)
      Parents and teachers talk together typically during Open Houses and parent-teacher conferences, engaging in routine and ritualized conversations that leave little room for developing understandings about each other and ...