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    • Sa(l)vaging The woman's bible : reading interpretive communities across contexts 

      Maddux, Kristy (uga, 2003-05)
      This thesis argues that the Woman’s Bible, over its 100+ year lifetime, became a pliable cultural symbol, exploited by various interpretive communities to serve their argumentative ends. The Woman’s Bible was compiled and ...
    • SA-REST 

      Lathem, Jonathan Douglas (uga, 2007-08)
      As the number of online applications increase so do sources of structured data repositories in the form of RSS, ATOM and lightweight Web services. These can all be covered by the larger umbrella of REST-based Web services. ...
    • Saccade trial type probability and its effects on residual inhibition and task switching costs 

      Pierce, Jordan Elisabeth (uga, 2013-12)
      Eye movement circuitry involved in saccade production offers a model for studying cognitive control: visually-guided prosaccades are reflex-like, while goal-driven antisaccades rely upon complex control processes. By ...
    • Sacred systematics 

      Forrester, Juanita Ann (uga, 2008-12)
      The first description of the egg, larval, and pupal stages of Anovia circumclusa (Gorham) are presented, along with notes on intraspecific color variation among adult Anovia. All literature pertaining to immature noviines ...
    • Sacrificed to capital 

      Wood, Brad Anthony (uga, 2012-05)
      When the wartime gains of mill hands threatened to break down the process of capital accumulation in one of the nation’s largest industries, union leaders, government bureaucrats, academics, engineers, and mill men from ...
    • Safe eats 

      Bramlett, Ashley (uga, 2011-08)
      Many undergraduate students are cooking for the first time, and they need to learn safe food practices to reduce their risk of foodborne illness. Social media tools are being utilized to teach, but limited research has ...
    • Safe handling of pesticides 

      Sumner, Paul E. (University of Georgia, 2010-07-19)
    • Safe schools for some 

      Maddox, Jessica Jill (uga, 2011-08)
      This thesis explores how State anti-homophobic bullying legislation affects Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning students in secondary schools. State bullying laws guide individual school district policy ...
    • Safe spaces in online learning 

      Brown, Eric Kenyon (uga, 2011-05)
      Research in online learning has revealed considerable information about diversity related to attributes such as culture, language, and gender. However, the research base is lacking studies examining a broader range of ...
    • Safe storage of grain 

      Sumner, Paul E. (University of Georgia, 2010-05-19)
    • Safety and physical activity 

      Tarulli, Kathryn; Bales, Diane; Wallinga, Charlotte (University of Georgia, 2014-02)
    • Safety climate and organizational justice as predictors of occupational injury rates and the decision to file for workers’ compensation benefits 

      Sorensen, Kelly Lynn (uga, 2010-05)
      This study explores the relationship between employees’ group-level perceptions of safety climate and organizational justice and rates of occupational injuries and workers’ compensation claiming. Society and organizations ...
    • Safety for Hispanic landscape workers 

      Bauske, Ellen M.; Maqueda, Karen A.; Martínez-Espinoza, Alfredo D. (University of Georgia, 2008-11-03)
      Hispanic workers predominate in Georgia’s urban agriculture industry, comprising almost three-fourths of the workforce. Employers must ensure comprehension and safety compliance. Address language barriers to create a safe ...
    • Safety rituals 

      Silva, Luciana Cunha (uga, 2007-08)
      This qualitative interview study focuses on women’s fear of sexual violence, how it shapes women’s views on sexual assault, its influence on women’s use of safety strategies, and how safety strategies may restrict use of ...
    • Safety tips for portable generator usage 

      Peek, Gina; Atiles, Jorges H. (University of Georgia, 2005)
    • Safety tips for winter automobile travelers 

      Unknown author (University of Georgia, 2008-08-26)
    • Saint John of the Cross and the mystical event as described in the Ascent of Mount Carmel and the Dark night 

      Pollock, Robert Noah (uga, 2013-05)
      This thesis will focus on the teachings of St. John of the Cross as they pertain to the mystical path of union with the divine as expressed through his works the Ascent of Mount Carmel and the Dark Night of the Soul. The ...
    • Salicylate metabolism in Populus 

      Tsai, Chung J; Guo, Wenbing; Babst, Benjamin; Nyamdari, Batbayar; Yuan, Yinan; Payyavula, Raja; Chen, Han-Yi; Liangjiao, Xue; Tay, Kate; Michelizzi, Vanessa; Harding, Scott (2011-09-13)
    • Saliency in the morphology and modern co-occurrence of the simple and compound past tenses in Spanish and French 

      Surber, Gloria Beth (uga, 2008-12)
      The present study analyzes simple (SP) and compound (CP) past tense co-occurrence in Spanish and French sports journalism to evaluate the saliency of the relevance of information presented in CP as a factor in CP ...
    • Sallust and the monograph 

      Royston, Tina Teresa (uga, 2004-08)
      This thesis examines the Bellum Catilinae of Sallust in an effort to understand the significance of the monograph in Roman historiography and how Sallust utilized the format to create an effective work of history. This ...