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    • I am my sister's keeper 

      Richardson, Shaquinta Lajuana Lynea (uga, 2018-05)
      The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between two Black American siblings when one sibling has Asperger’s Syndrome. The study focuses critically on the intersection of race, gender, and disability within ...
    • "I am not what I was" : social insecurity in Tom Jones 

      Weeks, Edna Kay (uga, 2002-12)
      Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones, perhaps the most widely familiar picture that the twenty-first century has of eighteenth-century England, takes its readers through all levels of society as Tom travels from great country estates ...
    • I am You are Me 

      Bandini, Jen (2006)
    • I came for the children, but I learned for myself 

      Garrett-Hatfield, Lori Hughes (uga, 2008-12)
      Mexican women make up one of the largest percentages of learners in adult English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes nationwide, and yet there have been very few studies about them in the literature. A review ...
    • "I don't think of myself as a nerd" 

      Park, Hye Young (uga, 2012-12)
      This narrative inquiry explored the experiences of six Korean immigrant adolescents (KIAs) as learners in the United States. The purpose of this study was to understand KIAs’ identity construction and literacy practices ...
    • "I don't wanna burden nobody" 

      Grimes, Tanisha Simone (uga, 2009-05)
      The purpose of this study is to examine the experiences of African American females living with HIV in the rural Deep South. Using grounded theory methods 17 HIV positive females 22-44 years attending a Ryan White Clinic ...
    • I feel as though I have always been cold 

      Phillips, Matthew Scott (uga, 2015-08)
      In accordance with the requirements for completion of the degree Doctor of Musical Arts, this document consists of three parts: An original composition, approximately forty-five minutes in length, for Pierrot Ensemble ...
    • I got here as a student first 

      Webb, Shauna Lynn Nefos (uga, 2015-05)
      The purpose of this narrative inquiry was to understand the experiences of Black athletes who studied and competed at a STEM institution of higher education. Through the use of semi-structured interviews and photo elicitation, ...
    • "I hope they don't come to plains" 

      Stephens, Alexander Maxwell (uga, 2016-05)
      In 1980, roughly 125,000 Cubans sailed to the United States in a mass migration that became known as the Mariel boatlift. Labeled "scum" by Fidel Castro, many of the Cubans who crossed the Straits of Florida found themselves ...
    • "I love to tell the story” 

      Brown, Jonathan Rikard (uga, 2011-05)
      This thesis explores the field of Narrative Criticism and its application to Biblical Literature. It zeroes in on the application of this method as it is applied to The Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of John. This is be ...
    • I Make Work so that I Can Read 

      Bienko, Joshua (2008)
    • I remember that town 

      Machado, Eleonora A (uga, 2001-12)
      This thesis focus is to make a place understandable utilizing environmental graphics. This thesis shows how a system might work in a place like Bagé, Brazil. The designer has ultimate control over making a place more ...
    • “I treat my water according to my pocket” 

      Schlanger, Karen Lee (uga, 2012-05)
      Diarrheal illness due to consumption of contaminated drinking water is a leading cause of morbidity for children under 5 years of age in developing countries. Programs promoting water treatment and storage at the point-of-use ...
    • I Want to Tell You 

      Miller, Katherine (2018-05)
    • I was the Flying Dog Man, so Are You 

      Foster, Heather M. (2016)
    • I'll always be the 10th dean of the Terry College of Business 

      Hannon, Kent (University of Georgia, 2007)
    • "I'm no angel but that doesn't mean that I can't fly" 

      Liljestrom, Anna Maria Viktoria (uga, 2005-12)
      This study aimed at outlining the constructions of identities of a group of adolescent girls placed at a center for “at-risk” girls in the southern U.S. Utilizing an ethnomethodologically and ethnographically inspired ...
    • "I'm sorry, I'm only allowed to speak English here?" 

      Flack, Emma Margarita (uga, 2014-05)
      The purpose of this action research study was to create conditions, through active interventions, that help St. Rita Catholic Church become a more unified community within its diversity. The following questions guided ...