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    • Early childhood educators' qualifications and beliefs about developmentally appropriate practice 

      Kim, Nakhueng (uga, 2004-12)
      A number of research studies in early childhood education have examined the relationship between teachers’ qualifications and teachers’ beliefs about developmentally appropriate practice, and demonstrated that teachers’ ...
    • Early County community profile 

      Boatright, Susan R. (University of Georgia, 2008-06)
    • Early detection of dropout risk 

      Carter, Chandra Patrice (uga, 2010-08)
      Early school withdrawal, commonly referred to as dropout, is associated with a plethora of negative outcomes for students, schools, and society. Student engagement, however, presents a promising theoretical model and ...
    • Early entrance to college 

      Pagnani, Alexander Robert (uga, 2011-05)
      Through an ethnographic research design, the author examined the lived experiences of gifted students who entered college between the ages of 14 and 16. Research questions investigated both the lived experiences of ...
    • Early hyperlactatemia predicts pancreatic fistula after surgery 

      De Schryver, Nicolas; Wittebole, Xavier; Hubert, Catherine; Gigot, Jean-François; Laterre, Pierre-François; Castanares-Zapatero, Diego (2015-07-28)
      Abstract Background Postoperative pancreatic fistula (POPF) is a major complication after pancreatic surgery and results from an impaired healing of the pancreatic enteric ...
    • Early identification of students at-risk for noncompletion 

      Barry, Melissa J. (uga, 2008-12)
      High school completion is a national concern that fails to reach rates of 50% in some areas. Despite the need for interventions that facilitate completion, most research in this area is descriptive and focuses on interventions ...
    • Early literacy development in toddlerhood 

      Lee, Boh Young (uga, 2012-05)
      This dissertation, which is composed of four manuscripts, (i) addresses the features or elements in terms of emergent literacy development in toddlerhood for further exploration by searching and examining articles that ...
    • An early look forward to 1998 for Georgia agriculture 

      Dorfman, Jeffrey H.; Givan, Bill; McKissick, John C.; Mizelle, William O., Jr.; Shumaker, George A.; Shurley, Don; Thomas, William A. (University of Georgia, 1998)
      Agriculture is very important to the economy of Georgia. Farm production accounts for $6 billion of annual revenue within the State. Looking more broadly, the food and fiber sector contributes in the neighborhood of $30 ...
    • Early mother-child attachment quality, its antecedents, and consequences 

      Kim, Jihyoung (uga, 2015-12)
      The current study aimed to explore the mechanisms of how maternal employment status influences the mother-child attachment quality and how these early childhood experiences operate and are related to later social adjustment. ...
    • Early Muslim printing 

      Ayers, Bryan Sanford (uga, 2004-08)
      The adoption of the typographic printing press in Arabic script by Muslims took place in Istanbul in 1725. While the Christian and Jewish communities in Istanbul were utilizing the typographic press to print religious texts ...
    • Early outgrowth pro-angiogenic cell number and function do not correlate with left ventricular structure and function in conventional hemodialysis patients: a cross-sectional study 

      Lineen, James R; Kuliszewski, Michael; Dacouris, Niki; Liao, Christine; Rudenko, Dmitriy; Deva, Djeven P; Goldstein, Marc; Leong-Poi, Howard; Wald, Ron; Yan, Andrew T; Yuen, Darren A (2015-07-30)
      Abstract Background Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) is commonly found in chronic dialysis (CD) recipients, and is associated with impaired microvascular cardiac perfusion ...
    • Early parent child relationships and later risky sex outcomes among African American adolescents 

      Williams, Joy Ashley-Brianne (uga, 2014-12)
      This study assesses the relationship between parental warmth and monitoring in early childhood and later risky sex outcomes among a sample of African American adolescents. I use the Family and Community Health Study (FACHS) ...
    • Early risk factors of children in poverty 

      Park, Boyoung (uga, 2005-05)
      A number of research studies in early childhood education have examined the negative influence of poverty on child development. The children who live in poverty are more likely to have lack of socio-emotional support as ...
    • Early statin use in ischemic stroke patients treated with recanalization therapy: retrospective observational study 

      Kang, Jihoon; Kim, Nayoung; Park, Tae H; Bang, Oh Y; Lee, Ji S; Lee, Juneyoung; Han, Moon-Ku; Park, Seong-Ho; Gorelick, Philip B; Bae, Hee-Joon (2015-07-30)
      Abstract Background We aimed to determine whether early statin use following recanalization therapy improves the functional outcome of ischemic stroke. ...
    • Early student engagement 

      Carter, Chandra Patrice (uga, 2013-08)
      There is little contention that student dropout is a pervasive and deleterious force affecting the U.S. educational system. In response to this crisis, dropout prevention and intervention have become salient focal points. ...
    • Earnings management around earnings benchmarks 

      Hansen, James Charles (uga, 2004-08)
      Chapter 1 examines the earnings management around earnings benchmark literature. The earnings benchmarks are the earnings level (loss avoidance), earnings changes (earnings improvement), and the analyst forecast benchmark. ...
    • EARS 

      Deltcheva, Vassilka Tentcheva (uga, 2001-12)
      EARS is an intelligent e-mail responding system, which allows its users to receive timely replies to their computer problems and questions. This project targets the most common computer support requests currently handled ...
    • Earth-moving project near Oconee River 1975 

      Aguar, Charles (2014-06-27)
      Earthmoving projects, whether they be small or large dump sediment in the rivers unless efforts are made to prevent siltation, and we end up with rivers of red mud. Image taken in May 1975.
    • Earthworms in lawns 

      Chance, Willie O. (University of Georgia, 2007-08-16)
    • "ease on down the road: black women's schooling narratives 

      Washington, Rachelle D (uga, 2006-05)
      Scholars writing about Black women’s lives have advocated a need to extend the research on the schooling experiences and girlhood stories of Black girls and women. Informed by Black feminist thought and womanist theory, I ...