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  • Borrowers and Lenders 5.2 

    Hennessey, Oliver; O'Dair, Sharon; Richardson, Malcolm; Moncrief, Clare; Munkhoff, Richelle; Loomis, Catherine; Boelhower, William; Monta, Susannah Brietz; Watts, Cedric; O'Dair, Sharon [ed.] (University of Georgia, 2010)
    This second volume of the fifth issue of _Borrowers and Lenders_ focuses on Shakespeare in the lives of those affected by hurricane Katrina. Hennessey, Oliver_A Serious Kind of Laughter: Shakespeare's Grief and Mardi Gras ...
  • Borrowers and Lenders 5.1 

    Teller, Joseph R.; Minton, Gretchen E.; Bayer, Mark; Meek, Richard; Bayer, Mark; Robson, Mark; Linnemann, Emily (University of Georgia, 2010)
    The first issue of the fifth volume of _Borrowers and Lenders_. Teller, Joseph R._The (Dis)possession of Lear's Two Bodies: Madness, Demystification, and Domestic Space in Peter Brook's King Lear_; Minton, Gretchen E. _The ...
  • Borrowers and Lenders 4.2 

    Hartley, Andrew James; Lehman, Farrah; Huang, Alexa; Burnett, Mark Thornton; Ko, Yu Jin; Scott-Douglass, Amy; Hollifield, Scott; Chapman, Rebecca; Tien, Yuk Sunny; Ross, Charles; Hood, Woodrow B.; Orfall, Blair; Sen, Amrita; Sen, Suddhaseel; Trivedi, Poonam; Mason, David; Ferleman, William C.; Chen, Ya-chen; Dailey, Alice; Johnson, Sarah; Kozusko, Matt (University of Georgia, 2009)
    The second issue of the fourth volume of _Borrowers and Lenders_. Hartley, Andrew James_Time Lord of Infinite Space: Celebrity Casting, Romanticism, and British Identity in the RSC's "Doctor Who Hamlet"_; Lehman, Farrah_"Nisht ...
  • Borrowers and Lenders 4.1 

    Skelton, Jay Paul; Ocampo-Guzman, Antonio; Ormsby, Robert; Thompson, Ayanna; Wickman, Tom; Seeff, Adele; Borlik, Todd; Steffy, Rebecca; Thompson, Ayanna [ed.] (University of Georgia, 2008)
    This is the first issue of the fourth volume of _Borrowers and Lenders_, which focuses on Shakespeare and actors of color. Skelton, Jay Paul_Notes from the Rehearsal Room: Casting People of Color_; Ocampo-Guzman, ...
  • Borrowers and Lenders 3.2 

    Kapadia, Parmita; Stavreva, Kirilka; Whitney, Charles; Finnerty, Paraic; Gruber, Elizabeth; Baldo, Jonathan; Clement, Jennifer; Klett, Elizabeth; Wifall, Rachel; Hollifield, Scott; Lehnhof, Kent R. (University of Georgia, 2008)
    The second issue of the third volume of _Borrowers and Lenders_. Kapadia, Parmita_Transnational Shakespeare: Salman Rushdie and Intertextual Appropriation_; Stavreva, Kirilka_Dream Loops and Short-Circuited Nightmares: ...

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