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  • Reflexive English teacher identity development in South Korea 

    Ahn, Soojin (uga, 2018-05)
    This research was designed and conducted regarding particularities of beliefs about English teachers, English education fever, English educational policy, and English teacher education curriculum in South Korea (Korea). ...
  • A statistical analysis of some aspects of well-being of South Korean elderly population 

    Pak, Tae-Young (uga, 2018-05)
    This thesis considers the determinants of well-being among the elderly population of South Korea. Two essays examine whether and to what extent institutional change or individual choice affects the subjective and objective ...
  • From Briggs v. Eliott to Abbeville v. South Carolina: 

    Allen, Delia Bromell (uga, 2018-05)
    One of the central questions of education finance is how much funding is enough to provide a specific quality of education. Concern over the adverse effects of inadequate school funding on student achievement has led to ...
  • Analysis of feed ingredients in poultry and swine 

    Bloxham, Darlene Janette (uga, 2018-05)
    The effect of feed ingredients and its impact on poultry and swine will be investigated in this dissertation. Four studies were conducted to understand feed better and feed components poultry and swine. The first study ...
  • Three essays on the welfare impact of natural amenities and natural disasters 

    Ahmadiani, Mona (uga, 2018-05)
    This dissertation analyzes and investigates the welfare impacts of natural amenities and natural disasters. In the first essay, we shed light on an unresolved puzzle in models of interurban spatial equilibrium; in theory, ...

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