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  • A look at peanut pricing in the post quota era 

    Attah, Festus Selorm Kofi (uga, 2018-08)
    The peanut sector operated under a supply management program until 2002. With the passage of the 2002 Farm Bill, however, the sector was ushered into a more market-oriented program. The new program brought along challenges ...
  • Optimal designs for the panel mixed logit model 

    Zhang, Wei (uga, 2018-05)
    We discuss optimal designs for the panel mixed logit model. The panel mixed logit model is usually used for the analysis of discrete choice experiments. The information matrix used in design criteria does not have a closed ...
  • “There's magic in the web of it” 

    Shelton, Barry Hughes (uga, 2018-05)
    This dissertation applies data analytic methods to the study of Early Modern language, history, and cultural memory. Though each of the chapters approaches a drastically different question, ultimately my methodology remains ...
  • Nature of science instruction and peer coaching 

    Sell, Cary Waite (uga, 2018-05)
    For science teachers to be able to teach in the manner that is being called for in current reform documents such as the Next Generation Science Standards, they should have knowledge of the nature of science (NOS) and ...
  • Animal ambassador interpretation techniques and its impact on connectedness to nature 

    Schueler, Darcy Sue (uga, 2018-05)
    This exploratory study looked at the effects of naming an Animal Ambassador on participants’ level of Empathy, Altruism, Connectedness to Nature, and Commitment to Engaging in Environmentally-responsible Behaviors. The ...

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